EPA Testing Proves LockUpLead Reduces Lead Toxicity by up to 99.5%

Research based at the USEPA National Risk Management Laboratory demonstrated that LockUpLead™ technology outperformed all other methods evaluated, reducing lead toxicity in residential settings by up to 99.5%.  The research proves that LockUpLead™ actually changes the molecular structure of toxic lead compounds, such as those used in paint and gasoline throughout most of the last century, so that they cannot be absorbed in the body — even if accidentally ingested.  The research team found that even in contaminated soil, LockUpLead™ technology was very effective in lowering the bioaccessibility (the latest EPA measure of lead toxicity) of poisonous lead compounds.  Bioaccessibility is the measure of what fraction of a given lead compound can be absorbed in the digestive tract of a child.  In soil from North Carolina’s Barber Orchard Superfund site, lead pesticides were used early in the 20th Century only to later poison residents of a new neighborhood.  This toxic soil containing a total of 2500 parts per million (ppm) of total lead was treated and effectively detoxified to below the current EPA level of 400 ppm when accounting for the bioaccessibility reduction due to LockUpLead™.  The EPA results, which included a variety of contaminated soils, measured toxicity reductions of up to 99.5% for LockUpLead™.  Detoxifying poisonous lead in residential settings instead of excavating the topsoil and disposing of it as hazardous waste is not only more cost effective and less labor intensive, it is also safer for residents and permanently solves the problem instead of moving the problem elsewhere.  Additionally, it ensures that the remediated soil is made safer, unlike cases in which the new soil brought in to replace the contaminated soil contained lead at the same or even higher levels.

The following slides show the data from the USEPA research team that evaluated LockUpLead alongside competing technologies.  LockUpLead emerged as the clearly superior technology in its ability to reduce the toxicity of the lead compounds, while also being environmentally friendly and completely nontoxic itself.

EPA Test Results Show LockUpLead as Most Effective Technology

Products based on this technology have already helped cities combat lead hazards through the following methods:

1) widespread distribution of homeowner-size sprays to neutralize lead dust,

2) large-scale spraying of exterior walls to stabilize paint and reduce lead toxicity on vacant properties, and

3) spraying of structures during building demolition to suppress and neutralize lead dust.

All of these applications provide additional protection both for the individual doing the work and for residents and neighbors, thus dramatically reducing the risk profile of dealing with lead dust.

Lead is an insidious poison responsible for widespread IQ loss, poor student achievement, and increases in ADHD and violent crime.  As the most common neurotoxin in urban environments, lead toxicity can actually be changed on a molecular level and converted to a form that cannot be absorbed in the body, or leach into groundwater.  LockUpLead™ has taken the leading role in creating a safer future for children, allowing them to develop with a healthy mind in a lead-free environment.


LockUpLead™ provides next-generation products for lead-safe cleaning, renovation, demolition, gardening, and painting.  All LockUpLead™ products are safe and easy for anyone to use, formulated using food-grade active ingredients, completely nontoxic, and zero VOC.  LockUpLead™ products, information, and videos are available nationwide at the finest paint stores, and at www.LockUpLead.com

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