Ohio State University shows LockUpLead Significantly Reduces Lead Toxicity

OSU Test Results     New research by Ohio State University shows that the toxicity of poisonous lead can be reduced when it comes in contact with LockUpLead.

A revolutionary solution

Clinical tests by industry experts show that lead dust treated with LockUpLead  Lead Neutralizer drops the amount of lead that would be bioaccessible (the ability to interact with and be absorbed by an organism) by over 80%.  Proven, safe, and cost effective, LockUpLead greatly reduces the toxicity of lead dust and lowers the risk of lead poisoning.

Untreated lead-based paint dust is absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs and small intestines, where it eventually settles into bones. Lead leaches back into the bloodstream whenever bones release calcium—such as during pregnacy or breast feeding.   Lead based paint dust treated with LockUpLead is not easily absorbed.  Most of it passes harmlessly through the body.

Exposure to lead is a risk for ALL children

Even low levels of exposure to lead-based paint dust can cause problems with a child’s growth, behavior, and ability to learn, including behavior disorder and ADHD. Exposure to lead dust may also reduce cognitive ability as measured by the IQ test. Toddlers are often at a greater risk for exposure to lead dust because they have a higher degree of hand-to-mouth activity and can absorb some toxicants more efficiently than adults, making their developing brains more vulnerable.

A lifelong issue

When lead dust enters the human body, it is absorbed into the blood stream where it attaches to proteins that carry it to different tissues or organ systems in the body. Lead cannot be transformed into something else once it is in the body, and it cannot be destroyed. It is a cumulative poison, and will stay in the body—and impact health—for a long time.

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