Making Lead Dust Clean-up Easy and Economical

Our mission, at LockUpLead™ , is to raise awareness to parents of young children for the risks of lead exposure and offer a simple, cost-effective solution that makes lead dust clean-up a breeze.  LockUpLead™ is a patent-pending product adapted from proven technology used for years to detoxify dangerous lead compounds at Superfund sites and on military bases. LockUpLead innovated to adapt this established technology to deliver powerful, yet safe products to reduce lead hazards in areas of high human contact like homes and schools.  LockUpLead™ Technology is formulated using food-grade active ingredients to provide you with products that are 100% nontoxic and safe to use, while detoxifying poisonous lead dust on contact. LockUpLead™  Technology is available in products for regular home cleaning, dust suppression for remodeling and repair work that disturbs old paint, total building demolition, and most recently to detoxify contaminated soil in place to create safer yards, gardens, and playgrounds in a manner more effective and 100 times less expensive than previous methods. In addition to being a physical dust suppressant, it also reacts on a molecular level with poisonous lead dust to form lead compounds that are permanently detoxified.

Our goal is to reach out to the millions of families across the USA who live, work and go to school in older homes and buildings where lead-based paint may be present.

Learn how to use LockUpLead to make your home, business, or organization lead-safe.

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LockUpLead carries a variety of products for home and business. They have all been scientifically tested and proven to work.

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