Flint lead poisoning proves that pretending is no cure

lead poisoning invisible dust at window

invisible lead dust at windows

“How can children still be getting lead poisoning?” is a pretty frequent question these days, as the country watches with almost unanimous shock. In this presidential campaign season, this tragedy in Flint that has finally come to light has unified public opinion to a level very rarely seen.

Of course it has! Now that the cat is out of the bag, the facts of this widespread poisoning crisis demonstrate an inept response to a problem that seems unthinkable. But the real shock is that Flint is actually an example that supports the rule, not an exception.

The legacy of response to lead poisoning is one that has been ruled by fear and a lack of resolve. There has been a widespread failure to acknowledge the epidemic, hoping and pretending that the permanent and irreversible damage of lead poisoning will somehow disappear on its own. Parents have not been adequately warned or informed on how to fight this brain disease that CDC continues to rank as the #1 environmental health risk to children. Burying heads in the sand is what lead the the Flint crisis.

This recent article in Vox shows the extent to which the problem is being ignored. Only half of counties in the US even bothering to submit any data on lead poisoning, and half of the remaining counties that did reporting no lead poisoning cases. And another Vox article talks about the prevalence of lead in urban soils, in the few places that have actually been tested. [Be advised that the second article has an outdated reference to CDC’s child blood lead action level, which was dramatically lowered in 2012. New guidance here.] So, one solution that many government agencies have used to reduce cases of lead poisoning is to simply not look for it. Our children deserve better to end this cycle.

What To Do?

In our experience, there is no greater weapon in the fight to eliminate childhood lead poisoning than an empowered parent. For this reason, LockUpLead is happy to announce the availability of the new, patented Healthy Home Lead Tester that provides parents with instant results for the most common toxic lead sources in the home. This low-cost, confidential test kit turns bright red when it contacts toxic lead paint and dust. One kit is sufficient to test over 100 surfaces for only $11. Developed by a parent/scientist with a lead-poisoned son for other parents, the Healthy Home Lead Tester is available now at the LockUpLead Store.

Order one (or a multipack for savings and sharing with friends and family) today and easily find potential hazards before your kids do. Once you know where it is, we have easy tips and cleaning products to safely eliminate it for a healthy home. Don’t delay because lead poisoning is cumulative, and stopping it early is most effective.

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