Lead-Safe Practices to Keep Lead Dust Out of Your Children’s Blood Stream

When Implementing Lead Safe Practices, Remember Your Three Cs

1. Controlling Lead Dust

Control the generation of dust by wet scraping and wet sanding with LockUpLead to stop dust before it starts. If you live in a house or work in a building built before 1978, then it’s crucial to protect your family and employees from lead dust exposure.

2. Containing Lead Dust

During work, use LockUpLead to mist plastic drops and debris during and after demolition. This will help prevent dust from becoming airborne, which is the number one way lead dust enters the blood stream.

3. Cleaning Lead Dust

LockUpLead transforms harmful lead dust into non-hazardous waste through a chemical process. Use LockUpLead instead of ordinary household cleaners for maximum protection during jobsite cleanup.

Learn how to use LockUpLead to make your home, business, or organization lead-safe.

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