How and Where to Use LockUpLead to Replace Lead Abatement

It is important to test for lead in your surroundings if you live or work in a structure built before 1978. Disposable lead tests can be purchased at your local hardwood or paint store. These tests are quick and reliable. Remember, there is no safe level of lead exposure. If lead dust is present, LockUpLead can simply be sprayed onto the surface to neutralize it. LockUpLead is easy-to-use, safe and a cost effective way to treat disturbed lead-based paint or lead dust.


LockUpLead can be used in your routine cleaning wherever you find lead dust. Lead-based paint can be hazardous when found on surfaces that children can chew or that get a lot of wear-and-tear. These areas include:

Window and window sills
Doors and door frames
Stairs, railings, and banisters
Porches and fences

Simply spray LockUpLead onto the surface and wipe it off. LockUpLead is food-grade, therefore, it is not harmful if it comes in contact with you or your family. LockUpLead contains no TSP and is free of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

LockUpLead should be used routinely to mist window sills and wipe surface areas that are susceptible to collecting lead dust. By using LockUpLead, the risk of lead exposure is drastically reduced. Simply spray LockUpLead onto the surface and wipe it off.


During remodeling jobs, drop cloths can be misted with LockUpLead both before and after scraping to capture lead dust as it falls and to make cleanup safe and non-hazardous. LockUpLead can be used to wet-scrape, or before and after dry-scraping, to render the dust non-toxic.


Shake container thoroughly before using. Do not thin or incorporate any other materials into this product. Use as is. Spray on window sills, baseboards, floors or any surface where lead dust contamination may be present. Spray until surface is coated. Wipe up with a damp cloth or sponge and dispose. Product is best wiped up while wet.

Coverage:  As a cleaner, approx. 4000 sqft/gal; for misting drops to treat and immobilize, approx. 500 – 1000 sqft/gal

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Lead and lead dust are the top environmental hazards in the United States. For more information about how lead poisoning can affect the health you and your family, read our article “Lead Poisoning 101.

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