You Won’t Believe What a Few IQ Points Can Mean to Your Child

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Most people think you’re either born with a high IQ or you’re not. To a certain extent they are right. Genetics play the predominate role in determining IQ, but environmental factors also contribute an estimated 20%-60%. Things like nutrition, stress, culture, and pollution (especially exposure to lead) all play a major role in determining IQ.

But what does an IQ point here or there really mean? Does one or two really matter here or there? Well if you’re a parent who wants the brightest possible future for your child it matters quite a bit. Here is what is at stake.

1. A One Point Increase in a Country’s IQ Means an Extra $229 in its per capita GDP.

For each one-point increase in a country’s average IQ, the per capita GDP was $229 higher. It made an even bigger difference if the smartest 5 percent of the population got smarter; for every additional IQ point in that group, a country’s per capita GDP was $468 higher.

2. Siblings With Higher IQs Earn More

By age 35, every IQ point you’re lording over your sibling should, on average, earn you $810 more per year, according to the American Enterprise Institute. Researcher Charles Murray studied sibling to control for genetic variability in an attempt to isolate the effects of IQ alone.

3. Just 3 IQ Points Can Mean the Difference Between Clerical and Managerial Level Work

Average IQ of various occupational groups:

Accomplishment IQ Test/study Year
Professional and technical 112
Managers and administrators 104    
Clerical workers, sales workers, skilled workers, craftsmen, and foremen 101
Semi-skilled workers (operatives, service workers, including private household) 92
Unskilled workers 87

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