Don’t Just Cover Up Lead. Neutralize it.

LockUpLead Significantly Reduces the Bioavailability of Lead

LockUpLead in the plainest of terms is a lead neutralizer. It actually changes the molecular structure of lead so that it cannot be easily absorbed into the bloodstream, which is how lead begins to do its damage.

Our products, whether it’s the lead neutralizing sprays, the 5-gallon buckets, or the lead-neutralizing bonding primer, are scientifically formulated for safe, effective use in households, businesses, and government entities.

In addition to being an integral part of lead-safe practices in buildings, LockUpLead has also been proven to work on contaminated soil for large construction projects or for community gardening.

Our products have been tested by the EPA and The Ohio State University and have been found to reduce lead bioavailability by up to 99%.

Learn how to use LockUpLead to make your home, business, or organization lead-safe.

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LockUpLead carries a variety of products for home and business. They have all been scientifically tested and proven to work.

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