Why Lead Abatement is Impractical

Lead abatement can not only be expensive, it can be a time-consuming process that can actually cause more harm than good. ┬áThink about it, while workers are removing all the lead in a home or business, they’re kicking up even more lead dust.

The end result of the expense and time, however, is that it leads to avoidance. People will not want to spend the money and be displaced from their home, so the lead problems ultimately are ignored in many cases. This means more people, especially children will remain at risk.

A much more elegant solution is lead safe practices with the lead-neutralizing power of LockUpLead. You’ll save thousands of dollars while keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of lead. Plus, it’s a quick and easy process.

Learn how to use LockUpLead to make your home, business, or organization lead-safe.

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