Lead-Neutralizing Bonding Primer

lead poisoning invisible dust at window

Lead-Neutralizing Bonding Primer

Why Just Cover Up Lead Paint When You Can Neutralize it?

Not only is our product a luxurious, high-end primer, our EPA-tested technology actually neutralizes lead on a molecular level to render lead in dust and paint chips virtually harmless.

Probably the best thing about our lead-safe bonding primer, though, is that it is leading the charge to make the lead-abatement industry a dinosaur, saving people thousands and even tens-of-thousands of dollars.

It’s Never too Late

If you’ve been putting off making your home lead-safe because of the expense or the lengthy clean-up process, worry no more. LockUpLead’s Bonding Primer is an inexpensive and convenient way to take your home a step closer to being lead-safe.

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