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LockUpLead is a revolutionary, EPA-tested technology that reduces hazards in homes and schools from the #1 environmental health risk to children — toxic lead exposure. You see, not all lead compounds are created equal. Some lead compounds, such as lead carbonate (PbCO3) used in paint sold in the U.S. before 1978, have weak bonds and break down easily in the weak acid of the digestive system. Once the lead (Pb) is stripped from the compound, it is free to be absorbed by the body where it remains for many years to damage organs and cause permanent brain damage and other diseases. Because of the chemical similarities of the two elements, the human body mistakes this free lead in the digestive system for calcium, allowing the poisonous lead to be aggressively absorbed into the blood stream and spread throughout the body without defense. Since the body cannot easily expel lead, once absorbed it remains in the body for years, continuing to poison.  LockUpLead Technology is an amazingly effective and efficient solution that simply reacts on a molecular level with toxic lead compounds to form new lead compounds that are not bioaccessible (able to be absorbed in the body). Independent testing by leading EPA researchers revealed that LockUpLead Technology lowered the bioavailability of poisonous lead compounds by as much as 99.5%!  This powerful, while also safe and nontoxic technology is now available in products for home cleaning, dust control when old paint is disturbed (as now required in homes and schools by new EPA regulations), a high-quality interior and exterior bonding primer, and also a lawn and garden fertilizer. LockUpLead products are also available for large demolition projects to detoxify as well as physically suppress and contain toxic, airborne lead dust to protect neighbors.  Even after drying, LockUpLead works to keep fine particle dust, the top lead poisoning hazard, from escaping work areas and spilling from contractor bags in the common event of an accidental puncture.  And the waste is treated to lower the bioavailability for the safety of workers and occupants and also lower the hazardous waste characteristics for a more environmentally-friendly disposal.

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Lead and lead dust are the top environmental hazards in the United States. For more information about how lead poisoning can affect the health you and your family, read our article “Lead Poisoning 101.

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LockUpLead carries a variety of products for home and business. They have all been scientifically tested and proven to work.

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